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Your guide to starting your career in Northern Ireland

Considering a Career in Midwifery

Midwives provide safe, kind, compassionate person-centred midwifery care based on the best available evidence; throughout the maternity journey and in all care settings from the family’s home to community and hospital. This means that midwives always focus on women’s needs, views, preferences, and decisions and the needs of their babies. Midwives work in partnership with women to promote positive outcomes and to anticipate and prevent complications.

Listen to what Dale previously Department of Health, Lead Midwifery Officer and Midwifery Emma, Service User have to say.

Image of Dr Dale Spence - Lead Midwifery Officer


Lead Midwifery Officer

Image of Emma Fraser - a Midwifery Service User


Midwifery Service User

Midwifery Experiences

Image of Maeve and Eilish - midwifery students at Queen's University Belfast

Midwifery Students

Maeve and Eilish, Queen's University Belfast

Image of Gail, a midwifery lecturer from Queen's University Belfast

Midwifery Lecturer

Gail, Queen’s University Belfast

Image of Kerry, Belfast  HSC Trust


Kerry, Belfast HSC Trust

Midwifery Experiences

I have always been interested in a career in Midwifery but I wasn’t sure what to expect beginning this course in the midst of a pandemic. Despite this, the university staff managed to make online lectures and tutorials pleasant experiences. The standard of education and support I received was fantastic. Meetings with peer mentors, has provided useful advice and reassurance. Clinical skills learning was organised within a safe practice environment, giving me a great opportunity to socialise with fellow students and refine my professional skills prior to clinical placement. The clinical placements have helped to instil the theory that I have been taught and have shown me that Midwifery is really about, being with and supporting women.

First Year, Direct Entry (non nurse) Midwifery Student - Sophie, Queen’s University Belfast

Experience of exceptional nursing staff who guided my family through bereavement made me think about working within the health service. During my pregnancies my gut instinct told me that Midwifery was where I could make a difference to the experiences of women during one of the most significant periods of their lives. The program of study at Queen’s University Belfast combined theory and practice and emphasised keeping birth woman-centred. Tutors have been personable and supportive in guiding my studies. During clinical placements my experience of wonderfully skilled midwives working tirelessly within local Trusts, has confirmed time and time again that Midwifery was the right choice for me. My education has been the most incredible, exhilarating and rewarding period of my life and I am excited at the prospect of qualifying as a Registered Midwife this year!

Third Year Direct Entry (non nurse) Midwifery Student - Rachael, Queen’s University Belfast

I applied to study Midwifery after working in a local women’s refuge. There I met midwives providing antenatal and postnatal care and was inspired by their sensitivity and compassion. Now I have the opportunity to be involved in this kind of care, working alongside midwives in clinical practice. The time spent in the clinical area is well balanced with teaching. It is rewarding to be able to develop my skills and knowledge in university and then apply them in the clinical area. The variety of learning opportunities is excellent, including simulated practicals, tutorials and lectures from guest speakers! Everything is underpinned by an ethos of woman-centred, holistic evidence-based care.

Second Year Direct Entry (non nurse) Midwifery Student - Eleanor, Queen’s University Belfast

I always knew after completing my Adult Nursing course that I would return to study Midwifery. I am so glad I did! Although it is a very intense course and non-stop, the sense of achievement and fulfilment when looking after women through the trajectory of pregnancy and childbirth is overwhelming. The support in Queen’s University Belfast is excellent and having a 'Home Trust' means you get to know the clinical staff well over the time you are in practice. Managing a caseload in the final few months has enabled me to provide women with even more continuity of care; therefore, promoting excellent professional relationships and trust. With good personal organisation, Midwifery Studies all-in-all is a very fulfilling course.

Final Year (Post Registered Nurse) Midwifery Student - Amy, Queen’s University Belfast

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Getting Started

You can find out useful information to help with your preparation and application through the following links.

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The NMC is the United Kingdom national regulation body for nursing and midwifery.

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NIPEC’s website provides professional information and resources for nurses and midwives.

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Work Inspiration provides information on a range of potential careers including nursing and midwifery.

How to Apply

Queen's University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast is the sole provider of midwifery education in Northern Ireland.

Top Tips for Applying or if you need to Re-apply

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